I Need a Capture Card! Which One to Buy?

Okay, so I’ve got really into the whole online thing and I want to do some videos of my gaming, hell, I’d love to even make some money out of my gaming, I could be the next Pewdiepie (I’d be pretty happy with half of his bank balance I’m sure). I’ve recently bought No Man’s Sky and it is amazing, it has made me want to share what I’m getting up to on games more than ever. PLUS it is nearly time for Fifa 17, I’ve played Fifa for over 20 years and this one really looks like the best I’ve ever seen, there’s a really cool story mode and now I’m hoping they’ve changed the career mode to make it a bit more realistic, I’d love to do a walk through of managing a lower league club.

Xbox and PS4 do have ways to record a bit of footage but it just isn’t enough to make a youtube channel like I plan to. I’m hoping that my purchase of a capture card can pay for itself. Choosing it is a bit of a nightmare but I’ve found some help at http://captureway.com – you need to look into the audio for capturing commentary (I’m going to be GREAT at commentating over games), you need to check the HD capabilities. To be honest if somebody is going to make an amazing game like No Man’s Sky and it looks beautiful, truly it is one of the most stunning games I’ve seen, so I need to capture in HD if people are going to be watching it.

So, keep an eye on it, watch this space, there may be a fashion Freddie youtube channel launching soon with all of my favorite games!

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