The Premier League is Back – Who Will Win?

joseLast season was one of the most ridiculous in the history of the EPL as Leicester City managed to defy the odds and somehow win the title. This forced the hand of many of the ‘big’ teams, with Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea all looking to new management to try and help them to win the title and of course spending astronomical amounts of money on the way there. Money is one of the many reasons that the big name managers and players are heading to the premier league and Pep Guardiola taking on yet another massive challenge of managing Man City for a reportedly huge salary.

A manager who has been in the Premier League for a much longer period of time, but never with Man Utd, is Jose Mourinho. He has courted the job for a long time, so him being announced as boss was pretty much the least surprising thing to happen this summer. That said, the prospect is an exciting one as he once again goes head to head with Pep just like their days in Spain, and with his unbelievable record of success, Jose will surely get United firing on all cylinders again, especially considering the hundreds of millions of pounds he has spent on players already.

There or thereabouts will be Arsenal, who always find a way to get into the top 4, but rarely threaten to win the competition, and Chelsea have all the players needed to win the competition if their new boss can get them playing well, all of this without mentioning the current champs!

Leicester, well, it was nice while it lasted, but surely they can’t do it again. They’ve lost lynchpin Kante and while their squad still looks pretty strong, I think with all the progress made by the other clubs, plus the strain of playing in the champions league, Leicester will struggle to get in the top 4 again this year, let alone winning the competition.

That’s the beauty of the Premier League though, we just never know…

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